Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Summary of Chapter 1

The first chapter is about Jonas an eleven-year old boy. It seems to be that he´s the maincharakter in this story. The book starts with flashbacks of Jonas. He doesn´t feel good but he doesn´t know the reason why he feels like this. In the air he sees an airplane and for him this is difficult because to fly is against the rules of the community. At home they have a ritual where they speak with each other to talk about their feelings and problems. When its Jonas time to tell about his feelings he tells them that he feels unpleasant because of the ceremony of twelve. So his parents speak alone with him.


  1. First of all, Alex - can you please either change the script or the size of your blog entries?! I nearly fall blind having to decipher the text.
    I like that you write about Jonas and his telling of the feelings. Do you think that is a normal thing in each and every society?

  2. Alex,

    how about working on your blog and posts? Haven't read from you since ages - and by now you should have read at least up to chapter 12. I'm really interested in your vies on the novel.


Lois Lowry