Wednesday, March 9, 2011

About Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry was born in 1937 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Being the daughter on an Army dentist, she moved a lot within the Untied States, and also lived in Japan for a number o years. She graduated from high school in New York City and then attended Brown University in Rhode Island, married young (1956) and had four children.
While raising her children she began to write professionally. As a child she had always written stories and had always wanted to become a writer.

source: Book, page 6

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  1. Ave Alex, morituri te salutant!
    Your post has a few mistakes, sorry. But i think it's because of your fast writing.
    The picture of Lois lowry is a kind of horror.
    C u asap ;)


Lois Lowry