Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My thinkings to the giver
This is a picture of the giver how i could imaginate him for myself. He´s an old man with crinkles on his forehead and his face and big grommets under his wise eyes. He has a big grey beard and a moustache he has summarized many memories in his past as a human and as the reciever of the memories of the community to protect and support them in the same degree. It also shows me that he is the perfect teacher to teach Jonas to get a good reciever because he knows what it means to walk through all this and how hard it can get. around his face. He wrinkles his forehead and his eyebrows get wrinkled like the nose, too. It looks a little bit grimly and shows that he knows many things that other people shouldn´t know or don´t want to know. This shows that he lived a very long time and that he get to know very many memories in his life. This requires him to be Jonas´ teacher on his way to become the new reciever of the memories.


  1. I think this picture fits very good to my imagination of the Giver's appearance. But I guess the end of the post is missing.

  2. yes changed the size of the picture and some of the text get lost -.- but i rewrite the end^^

  3. Hey. I think you made a good job. I really liked that you described the picture and I can imagine the Giver now, in another way. Great!

  4. Alex, thank you for this post. Your choice for the picture of the Giver is good. Where did you find the picture? Please always give the source!
    Your descriptions are very detailed. YOu've got a godd eye for this!

    some words on language:
    - as I imagine him to be
    - check the long sentence starting "He has a big grey beard ... I think there are too many information in that sentence. At least they don't fit together...
    - Check the spelling of "Receiver"
    - to teach JOnas how to become a good Receiver
    - in English: "to have a tough time"
    - he GOT to know
    - to have a grim look


Lois Lowry